To Meet Your Weight Loss Goal, Don’t Forget The Brown Bag!

People make so many excuses when it comes to not eating healthy during the day.  From not having enough time to pack a lunch in the morning, to not wanting to hurt co-workers feelings when they ask you to eat out,  many people find it impossible to bring their own lunch.  But there are many benefits to brown bagging it.  Here are just a few:

It helps you avoid temptation: If you bring the food you want for the day, you are less likely to make poor choices at restaurants or in the break room.  If a co-worker asks if you want anything from a fast food restaurant, you can easily refuse because you already have what you need.  You also don’t need to stress out about ordering the healthiest option on the menu.

It saves time: Although it does take some planning in the morning, or even the night before, it really only takes five minutes to make your own salad and grab some fruit or yogurt.  To eat out at work, you have to drive there, sit down, order, eat and then drive back to work.  For a sit down restaurant this will take a minimum of an hour.  If you want to save time you could always go to a fast food restaurant, but we all know that even the salads there tend to be full of fat and don’t exactly use the highest quality ingredients.  Besides, you still have to take the time to drive there!

It’s cheaper: A salad out will cost you anywhere from five to fifteen dollars.  If you buy the ingredients yourself, you might spend fifteen dollars, but you’ll have salad for a week!  You can also buy organic ingredients at the grocery store and avoid the bacon or fried chicken toppings that restaurants add.

It sets a good example: Some people fear that their co-workers will think they’re weird for bringing their own lunch.  Your co-workers won’t think you’re strange when you’re losing the weight you’ve vowed to lose for years.  Perhaps they’ll even notice and you’ll start an office trend!  Those of you with children can also set a good example by brown bagging it.  Your kids will follow in your footsteps and are more likely to eat their sack lunch if you bring one to work.  I would encourage you to actually go to your child’s school and check out what is being served.  That extra 5 minutes packing the brown bag in the morning might look even better after seeing the alternative!

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