Below is a list of just a few of the people that have amazing success working with Transformation:

Anna Bess Williams

Working with the Transformation team has changed my life. Until being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when I was 20 years old, I had been a moderately fit athlete. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments left me too weak to stay active, and my nutrition habits deteriorated. Although I was able to overcome cancer, it left my body depleted of energy and laden with extra weight. For years, I crash dieted and my weight fluctuated.

In March 2006, at age twenty-seven, I went on vacation to Arizona. While visiting the Grand Canyon I realized how out of shape I had become. Short hikes left me winded and I continued to overeat. When I returned home to North Carolina, I spent some time researching different fitness facilities, diet programs and personal trainers. I found Transformation and spoke to Barry Bragg over the phone. He motivated me make a change in my life.

Working with Transformation has been a blessing. With their guidance and supervision, the nutrition program they created for me has been easy to follow. They even let me call them prior to special events if I have questions about what to eat! I have more energy now, and eating healthier is helping prevent the recurrence or new development of cancer in my body. The workouts have been great. Not only have they produced phenomenal results, they are energizing, fun and challenging. The combination of fitness and nutrition programs that Transformation has created for me has helped me to lose 130 pounds in just nine months. I cannot express how great the weight loss and increase in physical activity have made me feel. I am thankful that I found the Transformation team.

– Anna Bess Williams

Dr. Steven Baker

At 51, I was tired of being out of shape and feeling the pain from leaning, bending and reaching that accompanies being a dentist. The Transformation Team helped me implement a fitness and nutrition plan of action. With their guidance, I’ve been able to reduce my body fat by 12% and lower my cholesterol levels from 197 to 149. I am now free of pain and am able to move around my dental office easily. I’m thankful for the services the Transformation Team has provided.

– Dr. Steven Baker

Lisa Beresnyak

I’m 43 years old and have tried other diets in the past, but never had results as quick as I’ve had since the Transformation team introduced me to their nutritional programs. I noticed weight loss and a substantial increase in energy within the first few weeks. In six weeks, I have dropped two pant sizes and lost 20 lbs. I have three kids and need as much energy as possible to keep up with them. After the birth of my third child, I had considerable difficulty getting back to the weight I was before my pregnancy. The Transformation team has helped me achieve and maintain the results that I wanted, while improving my self-esteem and appearance.

– Lisa Beresnyak

Ann Bumgardner

For quite awhile I have suffered from diabetes and pain in my legs, back and shoulders. More than a year ago I developed blood clots in my legs and was hospitalized. The doctor felt that some of the medications I was taking played a big role in my illness. When I was released from the hospital, my son introduced me to the Transformation team and their nutritional programs in hopes of helping me to lose weight, reduce the medications I was taking and regain a healthy lifestyle. At that time, I weighed 168 pounds and wore a size 18-20. Today, I weigh 120 lbs. and wear a size 8-10 petite. In the first six months on the diet, I lost 42 pounds. Since then, my weight has stabilized, and I’ve been able to stop taking the diabetes medication I was on and maintain a normal blood sugar level. I’ve been able to reduce other medications I was taking, and my cholesterol went from a high of 260 down to a 153. At 77, I feel better than I did when I was 60!

– Ann Bumgardner

Zach McGinnis

I have been competitively swimming since I was eight years old, training several hours each day. In December 2006, injuries in my shoulders brought my training to a halt. I had surgery to repair muscle tears and was not sure if I would be able to swim at an elite level again. I went through months of physical therapy that only brought me back to about 50% of my former capabilities. I was skeptical myself and considered quitting, but decided to give my swimming career one more chance.

I began training with Barry Bragg in June of 2007. Almost immediately, I regained my former physique and physical health. By October, I was swimming faster than I ever had, exceeding my expectations. The support I received from the Team is beyond words. They never doubted my ability to grow as an athlete and an individual. I am now a senior in high school and look forward to a healthy swimming career at a Division I University. I thank Barry and the Transformation Team the unending commitment they have given me. Without it, I would not be where I am today.

– Zach McGinnis

Crystal McLaurin-Coney

As a model and former Ms. North Carolina, I was having a difficult time securing modeling jobs because I had fallen out of shape. I was tired of trying fad diet programs and standard workouts; I needed something new.

In just 10 weeks of working with the Transformation team, I saw fantastic results. I lost 13 pounds, dropped 4” in my waist, 2” in my thighs and 4” in my hips. The improvements in my muscle tone and structure gave me the look that I needed. Feeling great both physically and mentally, I was able to land a position with a major modeling agency in Los Angeles.

The changes I made in my life didn’t come as a result of another crash diet, extra cardio or even traditional body-building exercises. I made a complete lifestyle transformation including learning to eat healthier – not necessarily less – and doing functional training that included intense circuits with kettlebells. The best part of the changes I’ve made is that I know I can sustain the results because it is a manageable lifestyle.

– Crystal McLaurin-Coney

Christi Seneri

Although I was thrilled to give birth to a beautiful baby boy, I couldn’t quiet the string of worries floating in my mind: How will I get back in shape? What can I do about the chronic tiredness and hormone swings that make so many new mothers feel miserable?

To silence my fears, I tried Transformation’s Wellness Program. Wow! I lost 15 pounds in just two weeks, and my worries of postpartum depression were gone. I didn’t have any of the moodiness I feared. I felt like myself again.

I’ve now lost 41 pounds and have boundless energy to attack my endless tasks. I used to need eight hours of sleep, which is impossible with a baby, but now my energy is so high that lack of sleep doesn’t slow me down. Since working with Transformation, I feel like Supermom!

– Christi Seneri

Dr. Michael Law

Over the past four months, I’ve turned to the Transformation team for personal training and nutrition consulting. Their approach is well researched, completely individualized and time-tested. During this time, I have achieved my weight-loss goal of 12 pounds, and my body fat measurement has dropped 5 percent. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of their programs, including the dietary modifications. Many of their training techniques require no weights or equipment at all, allowing for practice at home or on the road.

I don’t really think of the Transformation nutrition program as a “diet” in the conventional sense. It is more than a diet-it is a different way of thinking about eating and overall well-being. The benefits go far beyond reducing calorie intake. I feel stronger, better and more alert throughout the day. I cannot imagine ever going back to the habits I had before I started Transformation’s nutrition program. One of the most powerful aspects of their approach to nutrition is that it is sustainable.

I’ve played competitive soccer, trained as a distance cyclist and worked as a fitness instructor, but I have never worked with anyone whose approach to physical training and nutrition is as effective and enjoyable as Transformation’s.

– Dr. Michael Law

As a 56-year-old business owner, I count partnering my company with Transformation as one of the year’s top accomplishments. I was in reasonably good shape, but had no idea how much better conditioned I could be using Transformation’s methodology. With a total focus on core strength building and overall healthy diet, it is amazing what can be gained without dependence on the traditional machine-centered programs. Perhaps the greatest of the Transformation Team’s many attributes, is their ability to personalize the training to your needs and limits. Transformation has helped my company implement a corporate wellness program, yet has maintained a commitment to help each individual improve their individual fitness, health and well-being. I truly believe that no investment will bring better returns than training and being educated in healthy living practices by Transformation Team.

– David Ruffin

First and foremost, I would like to say, “Thank You.” I could not have accomplished any of the things that I did without your dedication and support. It really means a lot to know that you saw my potential when others didn’t. Throughout my training, you provided me with sound advice that I took to heart. It made me much more confident in myself and my abilities. Secondly, I appreciate your time and efforts, and I would like you to know that your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Transformation’s nutritional programs has certainly been a lifestyle altering change; however, it changed me for the better. I am healthier than I have ever been and have become more grounded as a result of it. Lastly, I just wanted to let you know that whatever my success – professional athlete or renowned physician – that your efforts were not in vain.

– Marcus Howell, NC State Football

I am 61 years old and found out six months ago that I have Type II diabetes. I knew that I had to take control of my health if I wanted to live a quality life. I began one of Transformation’s nutritional programs about three months ago, and have been amazed that I’ve been able to lose five pant sizes so far. Not only am I down to my lowest body weight in 15 years, but my blood sugar has stabilized under 100 mg/dl. This way of eating is sustainable, and I can’t wait to see how much more my health will improve in the coming months.

– John, Chapel Hill, NC

My bodyweight has always been ideal, so I never thought that I needed to be on a diet. I had a complete hysterectomy a few years ago, and since then I have had a number of stomach issues such as bloating and extreme abdominal discomfort. The Transformation team suggested that I try one of their nutritional programs. They believed that my symptoms were related to a lack of certain foods in my diet. To my amazement, I had relief in a matter of 48 hours! I have been following their program for about five weeks and have been pain free and feeling great!

– Sally, Raleigh, NC

I realize the Transformation team would say that I was the one who made the decision to come to Transformation, but there’s no way I could have succeeded and sustained my success without your help. Your staff does more than is expected, even when they don’t have to. These efforts say so much about the people they are. I can’t express how appreciative I am. I thank you and your team for all that you do!

– Kelly Lawlor

I am writing this letter in regards to my experience at Transformation. In April 2008 I was at my wits end trying to lose weight. I tried numerous diets, and exercise regiments for years. By luck one day I drove past Transformation and decided to look into their services. I met with Barry Bragg, CEO, and liked what he had to say.

I started their program the next week. I was more than impressed with their knowledge, dedication, and commitment to my training. I was amazed with how their unusual training style transformed my body, and my eating habits. I lost eight pounds in the first week, and twenty pounds overall throughout the following three months. Unlike other diets I never went to bed hungry, and I felt energized after exercising. I learned what foods to combine, and what I personally needed in order to maintain my ideal weight. The best part of Transformation (other than losing the weight!) was that they taught me what to do once I left the gym. I can now rely on the knowledge that I accumulated over a meer three months to live my life healthy, fit, happy, and energized. I can thank Transformation, and their excellent staff for this.

– Shea Adams

On January 3rd, having just turned 45 years old, I was very discouraged about the new year and the fact that I was now 40 pounds overweight. I felt miserable…my body ached all the time, I had high blood pressure and was taking 2 blood pressure medications and had frequent migraines. My poor health and poor diet left me feeling embarrassed about my weight gain and feeling overwhelmed and powerless to know how to feel better and lose weight. Not to mention, I yearned to be a good role model for my teenage daughter in all areas of my life..physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

On January 5th, I sat down with Barry for a consultation and he explained how the foods that I was eating not only was the reason behind my weight gain but also affected my overall health and well-being. Barry explained to me that when one area of our lives is out of balance, that it affects the other areas that I needed and wanted to restore balance in. That day, January 5, 2009, I began The Organic Transformation as well as began working out with Barry two times a week. I started a prayer journal so I could pour out my honest thoughts, fears, temptations, and struggles to my Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ and began to pray daily for His help in my weight loss journey. I read and re-read Barry’s book every day that first month. My dear and loving husband even made me a copy so I could have in my car as well as at home for when I went grocery shopping or just needed that reminder of what to eat. I now had a plan and an awakened desire to lose weight and feel good again!

I immediately saw results with the Organic Transformation Diet and by the end of the first month, I had lost 15.6 pounds, my blood pressure had returned to normal and I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication all under the advice and approval of my physician! I was so encouraged. My family and friends noticed my weight loss and have been such an encouragement to me. However, the biggest encourager beside my husband, Johnny, has been Barry who has ministered and counseled to me every step of the way…..physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is now 12 weeks later and I have lost 25 pounds and lost 9.1% of body fat.

If you are reading this testimonial, I encourage you to call and set up a consultation with Barry, to purchase his book, “The Organic Transformation” and to feel encouraged and hopeful that you can lose weight. I once heard a speaker say, “A dream that won’t go away is from God!” If losing weight is your dream, then schedule a meeting with Barry today! The Lord has used Barry in a mighty way to help educate and counsel me on the impact that healthy living has on our bodies.

– Lynn Garrett