Extraordinary Wellness

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Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.

Therefore, we believe that wellness involves more than just being clear of the flu or other diseases. Wellness is rather a pursuit to be all that we were created to be in mind, body, and spirit.

No matter how sick or ‘well’ you currently are, our goal is to educate and guide you to better wellness.

So, what is Extraordinary Wellness?

We define Extraordinary Wellness as someone who has the following attributes:

  • Super Energy
  • Sharp & Focused Mind
  • Incredible Fitness
  • Banished Aches & Pains
  • Healthy Back
  • Healthy Heart
  • Never Giving Cancer a Chance to Start
  • Vital Living to 120!

So, are you Extraordinarily Well? If so, that’s great!! If not, don’t you want to be?

Transformation’s Extraordinary Wellness Mission:

1. ) Promote only natural non-invasive (no needles!) therapies, as God, through nature, has provided safe and natural remedies.

2.) Encourage a lifestyle that will enhance homeostasis and total wellness from the head down.

3.) View the individual as a whole person consisting of mind, body and spirit.

4.) Teach prevention, by promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, rest, exercise, etc. while exploring those negative factors in one’s life that can prevent natural health from being achieved.


STEP 1: Call (919) 845-6596 to schedule an initial Consultation. (Can be done in person, by phone, or over the internet)

Initial Consultations are Complimentary are basically a ‘Get to Know You’ session for information gathering purposes. After setting your goals and a plan of action, we can look at options that will best fit your needs. Rates are based completely on your specific program and needs.

STEP 2: Begin on Your Journey to Extraordinary Wellness!

Your Health Transformation

More Energy? Thriving Health?  Better Productivity?  A Leaner, More Functional Body?

God’s Word shows us how to live-and how to eat!

Come and discover how you can experience restored health and healing

to the mind, body and soul when you have a complete

understanding of God’s model for nutrition & wellness!

You are invited to a FREE introductory presentation by Barry Bragg, the owner and founder of Transformation, a Raleigh-based Fitness & Wellness Company.

Be empowered and educated on the benefits of natural, Biblically-based health with the purpose of honoring God with your body.

WHEN: SATURDAY, August 8 & 15


WHERE: Transformation, Inc.

10941 Raven Ridge Rd., Ste#113

Raleigh, NC 27614

Space is Limited, REGISTER TODAY!

Please call 919-845-6596 or email to register!

How to Have a Healthy Mindset for Achieving Goals

It is now 2009 and most of us have decided to make some positive changes in our lives to help us grow over the next year. In making these changes it is important to begin with a healthy mindset.

What is a Healthy Mindset?

Here are a few points for understanding what a healthy mindset is and how it plays a role in our success for long term lifestyle changes and personal growth:

  1. Understand that it is unreasonable to expect perfection. We are imperfect people in imperfect bodies living in an imperfect world. When we expect perfection and things don’t go just right, we typically sabotage our progress and give up! Always remember that with our shortcomings comes room to learn and grow. By keeping our focus and being persistent in striving towards our goals, the growth we achieve will mold us into the people that God intends for us to be.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others! The LORD made us who we are and has us where we are for a reason. Every story has a beginning and an ending, but it’s the in-between that defines that story. It’s important to remember that every one of us is at a different place in our story. Some are further along and some are have a long way to go. If we play the comparison game, it becomes too easy to get discouraged. I recall the quote – “Be patient, God’s not finished with me yet!” This is good advice for each of us to keep in mind as we strive to complete our journey in life. And if we do our best and work diligently, then our lives will be even better than we could ever imagine. This brings to mind a biblical quote from 2 Chronicles, which states: “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, your work will be rewarded.”
  3. And last, but not least, learn to be content in all that you are. Growth doesn’t always move in a straight line, but usually zigzags. There will be peaks and valleys. The important thing is to have contentment no matter the circumstance. Whether in the ups or downs, learning contentment brings peace to our spirit and will keep us moving in the right direction. In John 14:27, Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

By staying true to these simple steps, I believe we can have success in making positive changes to our lives this year and in the years to come!