Setting Healthy Goals for the New Year

If you were to hop in a boat without a map or GPS in the middle of an ocean, where do you think you would end up? Who knows? You could literally end up anywhere in the world!

Goals for Personal Training at the Organic Transformation in Raleigh, NC

Goals help us take positive control of our lives!

There are a lot of folks that just let life happen to them. They wander aimlessly around, and never seem to accomplish much of anything. They think that if they are lucky, success will find them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Goals bring a clear direction to your daily thoughts and actions, giving you the focus to stay on course to the desired destination. Writing your goals down will also help energize you with the determination to get you there. You won’t be as easily distracted by lower priorities and will be able to overcome obstacles much easier.

Write down your goals to ensure they become reality!

It is recommended to write goals in many areas of life (spiritual, health, financial, relationships, etc.). Stretch yourself by writing 3 challenging, but achievable goals for ’09. Post these goals on your bathroom mirror, in your office, in your car, or wherever you will be constantly reminded.

“Share your goals with one or more people that you know will keep you accountable!”

Tell others about your goals!

In addition to writing and posting your goals, it is also beneficial to share your goals with one or more people that you know can keep you accountable. Speaking your goals to others literally ties you to your goals with your tongue. This is a powerful way to ensure hitting your goals. If you tell others about them, then they’ll be expecting you to achieve them, which in turn will help bring them to reality. Furthermore, it’ll give others a chance to help you meet your goals.

Our Transformation team will keep you accountable for your health, nutrition and fitness goals!

If you choose to write health goals, our team at Transformation, LLC in Raleigh will agree to be your accountability partner for 2009. Simply fill in your health goals at FILL IN GOALS. And with your permission, one of our team members will check in with you once a month on your progress.

If you seriously want POSITIVE CHANGE and set your goals – Prepare Yourself for amazing results!

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