1. How are Transformation’s programs any different and/or better than other diet and exercise programs that are out today?

Answer: The Transformation Team is a group of people that follow distinctly different ways of ‘healthy living’ but we have come together to create a truly balanced diet and lifestyle that anyone can practice in a sustainable way. We are not strictly vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or any other camp of nutrition that seeks to eliminate whole food groups that our Creator has deemed permissible for food. Instead of eliminating whole food groups, we educate and guide people to make healthier boundaries and choices in each area. Also, we believe that exercising in moderation (30-90min per day) is healthier and more sustainable when compared to excessive exercise (2 hours + per day). Beyond the general aspects of healthy living (good nutrition, exercise and rest), we also focus on other modern threats to your wellness—EMF (electromagnetic fields), dental toxicity, chemicals, stress and emotional traumas.

2.  Isn’t fat loss just about calories in versus calories out (i.e. expend more calories than you take in)?

Answer: Absolutely not. While it seems simple to think of ‘fat loss’ as just a factor of calories, and that we can achieve that ideal body weight if we just ‘work hard’ and consistently expend more calories than we take in.  While it is true that calories are important, it is just as important to know the quality of those calories. For example, you may figure that you need 1,500 calories per day to lose weight, but if that those 1,500 calories are of terrible quality— refined sugar, processed foods and commercial, hormone and antibiotic laden meat and dairy, etc.—you may not lose weight and likely wouldn’t get much healthier. However, if you eat 1,500 calories of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, hormone and antibiotic free meat and fermented organic dairy, you will be much more likely to lose body fat and get healthier in the process. Healthy and sustainable fat loss is also a product of detoxification. When the body cannot cleanse (or detoxify), the onslaught of chemicals and other toxins can become overbearing to all systems of the body causing weight issues, hormone imbalances and disease.

3.  You guys are not medical doctors or registered dieticians, so how can I trust that your information is accurate, safe and relevant?

Answer: True. We are not medical doctors or registered dieticians. We are ordinary people that have extraordinary passion and commitment to healthy living—for the Lord, our families, our communities, our clients, and ourselves. We feel blessed to have collected much knowledge, insights, and understanding from some of the brightest and best researchers, nutritionists, doctors, and experts in the field of health and nutrition. In other words, what we practice has been thoroughly researched and tested for many years by many different individuals. All Transformation Team members are certified nutritionists, holistic health practitioners, certified trainers, or a combination of each. We have served clients with all kinds of conditions (such as difficulty sleeping, poor digestion, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease,  Alzheimer’s, infertility, hormone imbalances, migraines, muscle cramping, arthritis, and many others).

4.  How much weight can I lose on this program?

Answer: Everyone is different.  Some folks may not want to lose any weight, while others may desire to put on healthy weight (lean muscle). People that are much greater than their ideal weight will tend to lose more weight and faster than those that are 10-15lbs away from their ideal weight. Our goal is to help folks get to their ideal bodyweight, which varies according to gender, height, and structure. However, we like to take the majority of the focus off of the scale and put it on consistently healthy lifestyle choices. We find that the emotions going into the scale weight are not healthy when it becomes a daily obsession. Instead, we like to focus on trending in the right direction as weight can vary a few pounds from day to day, ultimately hitting the weight goal in a sustainable manner.

5.  How can the Transformation Team help me regarding my health?

Answer: Our goal is to help improve the overall function of your body. This means that your digestion, cognition, organs, glands, hormones, cardiovascular system, bone & joints, and your entire physiology should all be optimized, as your body and health are the sum of many parts. Often times, we have been exposed to heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins that can literally slow or impede the normal function of a particular organ, gland, or entire system. Couple the toxicity issue with the fact that many Americans are malnourished (not from a calorie standpoint, but from a lack of nutrients-vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients), and you have a recipe for dis-ease of the body. The Transformation team can coach you to outstanding health, by lessening the toxic burden from what you ingest as far as foods, supplements, and body care products, cleanse the toxins & metals that are already in your body, and help you to sustain a high level of wellness for years to come.

6.  Do you have healthy recipes that really taste good?

Answer: We find that everyone has their own definition of what ‘healthy’ is. In other words, what one person deems healthy may not really be healthy at all.  Part of the Transformation mission is to shine a light on the food and health industries to expose them for what they really are. Secondly, we want to help you to truly understand which foods are health promoting and how to put them together to make delicious dishes, salads, juices, and desserts that the whole family can enjoy.

7.  How much does working with the Transformation Team cost?

Answer:  Programs can vary widely in cost because each program is tailored to each individual. We have a general consulting rate of $90-$120 per hour, and each session is prorated for the actual amount of time spent. Most folks only need a consultation no more than once per month to keep things progressing well. Additionally, we ask that clients use the nutritional products that we recommend, when needed. The use of low quality food or junk supplements can inhibit your health and progress leaving us with no way to ensure results.

8.  How long is the typical program?

Answer: Programs can vary widely in length, as some folks want to address one particular health concern, while others want to get progressively healthier for life. Some health conditions can be greatly improved within a couple of months, while others may take 2-3 years (cancer, crohns, etc.). We simply desire to educate and guide you in wellness practices and to be alongside you for your journey through life no matter the trials or mountains that you face.