To Have a Healthy Mindset, Stop Focusing on the Problem

Focusing on your problems and worrying yourself sick about them will not change a thing. It will just make it hurt even more. “And who of you by worrying and being anxious can add one inch to his stature or to the span of his life.” Mathew 6:27.

Five Money-Saving Tips to Eat Healthy During a Tough Economy

With food and energy costs on the rise and job losses mounting, many families are finding trips to the grocery store a bit more painful. With such a turbulent economy, any way to save a little is helpful. By making some minor changes, families can still eat nutritiously and cut expenses.

How to Have a Healthy Mindset for Achieving Goals

" . . .Always remember that with our shortcomings comes room to learn and grow. By keeping our focus and being persistent in striving towards our goals, the growth we achieve will mold us into the people that God intends for us to be. . ."

USDA Free Range Chicken & Eggs

". . .It is mind-blowing that I have been spending more money on buying "free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free" eggs, when it really doesn't mean anything. . ."

Exercise Myth #2 - It's Best to Train to Failure

". . . In what sport is it advantageous to train to failure?' Think about it - are you going to hit tennis balls until your body fails to swing the racket, or are you going to stop practicing when you start to lose your form and effectiveness?"

Exercise Myth #1 - Fitness Machines Are Better than Functional Training

"More and more top coaches and athletes are shying away from machine-based weight workouts and finding alternative training methods. Weight machines are often ineffective training tools because they focus on isolation exercises. Relying exclusively on machines for strength training may actually limit sports performance and increase injury risk."

Beef - Conventional, Grass-Fed or Organic?

"Cattle, sheep, goats and deer . . . were created by God to eat and live off grasses. Any diet other than that, endangers not only these animals' lives, but also those humans that consume them."