What is Wellness?

Wellness is an alternative to dependency on doctors and drugs, to complacency, to mediocrity and to self-pity, boredom and slothfulness.

Eating To Live

Scripture and medical research agree that modern lifestyles lived without reference to God’s laws and design shorten life and hasten death. The bottom line is this: What you eat makes a difference in your health.

Why Are Functional Exercises Important?

There are many reasons why functional exercises are important; here are some of the primary reasons: They promote maintenance and improvement in Active Daily Living tasks They promote spinal health and longevity They mimic motor patterns that translate into daily tasks, recreational sports, and work activities.

Functional Training

Functional training is defined as “activity that trains movement” and includes: balance training, stabilization training, core training, and dynamic movement training. Functional training is about QUALITY of the movement, not quantity!

Best 'Fast Food'

It's no big secret that many fast food restaurants have the lowest quality food imaginable. While other Fast Food chains seemingly carry some of the same items, we have found that these 3 chains stand head above the rest when it comes to quality... Chipotle, Jason's Deli, and Panera Bread